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My new goal is to support the renovation and reviving of old, historic Anderson. I live in old, historic Anderson, so this should be a fairly easy goal to accomplish.

In college, then Fort Mill, then the apt, I got into a “convenience” rut… Going to the stores that sell everything, the big chains, because they’re more likely to have all the items I’m shopping for – Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, yes, even the hated Walmart. When Bobby and I bought this house, I have continued to frequent my favorites, particularly Target and Lowe’s. Despite the longer drive and number of traffic lights, I’ve continued to drive back to the “new” side of town – the strip of burgeoning new growth that was practically right outside our door when we were apt-dwellers.

But today, my impatience got the best of me. I’m still trying to finish painting the kitchen – the entire room has been disassembled since Monday, and I’m annoyed, and just want it done. And (of course), I realized this afternoon that I need a few more paint roller covers. The dread about the drive to Lowe’s immediately hit… and then I realized…. I drive RIGHT PAST a local hardware store on the way! Literally less than 5 miles from my house sits a White Jones Hardware, which I haven’t been in since I rode along with Daddy as a child. So off I went.

It was a bonafide, for-real, small-town experience. An old musty building, filled to bursting with all sorts of gadgets and tools and such. The paint supplies were a few cents more, but I’m sure I saved at least that in gas. The ladies behind the counter were chattering like Loweezy and Elviney at the gossip fence (please tell me I’m not the only one who reads the Snuffy Smith comics when presented with the opportunity), a little man asked if he could help me (when is the last time THAT happened in any of my chain stores?!?), and I actually saw more stuff that I usually do because I’m usually so focused on figuring out which damn aisle the paint rollers are on because they’ve moved them again.

And my favorite part – they had an entire section of Crosley electronics! Record players, old-fashioned telephones, jukeboxes – all new and shiny, but styled like they’re 50+ years old. I’ve had a yearning for a record player for a while… Sue and I have been buying records for our eventual player and squirreling them away out of sight in the office because, yes, we know that buying records that you don’t have a player for is stupid. But today, I found it… the perfect record player, with a little cabinet and everything. Am gonna save my spending money…

Here’s some of our secret record stash so far… And there’s one more that’s not pictured, which is actually pretty likely to be my favorite (although I don’t know for sure yet since we haven’t actually listened to any of them). It’s called “Themes from Great Movies.” Featured songs include “Sound of Music,” “Chim Chim Cheree” from Mary Poppins, “Somewhere” from Westside Story, and my very favorite, “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I remember Mama singing “Moon River” to me when I was little… She clowned around and intentionally warbled, but she actually had a beautiful singing voice :)