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With all the baby angst happening lately, I’ve been neglecting the documenting of Maggie moments. That just won’t do….

Jen and Tom when to Vegas for 4 days and Tom’s mom and I shared Maggie-sitting duties. They actually left the morning of the great pregnancy discovery, so my days with Mag were an interesting experience of “wow, this is just a tiny taste of what it’s going to be.”

Above: Maggie-sadness isn’t enough to deter Coby from a nap.

That first night, I spent the night at Jen & Tom’s so that the Mag could stay in her crib. The next morning, I awakened to the sounds of cooing and Maggie-babble. I just lay there for a few minutes, reveling in the fact that only 9 more months before I had a coo-er of my own… bleh. I’ve heard parents talk about the feeling of walking into the nursery first thing in the morning, and getting the first giant smile of the day. So I took my camera. Am believing that it’ll be my turn one day soon.

Above: Good morning, little Miss Maggie Sunshine!