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This morning, I was suddenly struck by the thought that today is the 24th and that things were running late. Went to my little chart where I keep up with it all (yes, I’m a freak and have a spreadsheet for everything), which confirmed that we’re sitting at about 5 days out. It’s not a huge deal – this has happened before, but just for fun, I dug a home pregnancy test out from under sink.

And it was faintly positive. Not firmly, clearly positive. But definitely faintly positive. I cried. Then laughed. Then called Bobby on his cell, then hung up. Immediately read all the paperwork that was in the test box, where it says that “a faint positive is still a positive.” Then went to research the accuracy of the test while gulping water in hopes of peeing again. The stats I read said that sometimes “evaporation lines” can be mistaken for a faint positive, especially on cheaper test brands. So I assured myself that this was the case, poured some more water down myself, and headed for the bathroom again. Found another test in my stash – this time, it was an e.p.t. brand, whereas the first one was Eckerd brand.

And once again, a faint positive.

Went to lunch with Daddy, Jen, and Maggie, then did a 3rd one when I got home. Almost invisible positive…. or maybe just wishful thinking. Or maybe my pee is so diluted that it’s basically processed water.

Top to bottom, tests #1, #2, and #3. Told you the positives were faint.

To clear it up once and for all, I drove to CVS to buy the much-advertised Digital Clearblue Easy Pregnancy test (“the most sophisticated piece of technology you will ever pee on”) and headed home.

“Not Pregnant,” written out in little neat, unmistakable letters.

Those stupid non-digital tests suck, suck, suck. I cried again. I almost let myself believe that it might be happening this time.