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Some time ago, back when I was being a beatch pretty much all the time, someone stole my safety shoes out from under my desk at work. My reaction was completely disproportionate and over-the-top… I was cussing the unknown thief with every curse word that Bobby’s ever taught me (click here to see the original enraged post).

After months of walking around the building because I couldn’t go through the plant, I finally caved in and purchased another pair of safety shoes. In a zoloft haze, however, I decided to make my shoes as “unstealable” as possible… thus, the pink monogram on the toes. (click here to see the shoe-painting post).

My former cohort, Tim, has had quite a time with my shoes during after-hours… he managed to capture them escaping from my desk on two separate occasions, and put together some nifty little powerpoint presentations, to the amusement of the entire team. When I left S-D, I did a mock “will & testament”… and yes, I left Tim my pink monogrammed shoes :)

So I shouldn’t have been shocked this morning when I opened my email and found that my shoes attended Saturday night’s cookout. I absolutely howled with laughter…. Thanks to all who participated – which was pretty much everyone except me! :)

My shoes enjoy beer & football while chillin’ at the picnic table;
Roasting up a s’more at the campfire;
And bonding with Bobby & Oscar.

Stuck in the bathroom (the door sticks occasionally, trapping unfortunate bathroom-goers inside… this was a source of great amusement for my S-Dans :);
Hangin’ out on the front porch;
And watching “Shrek” with the kiddies.

Learning how NOT to play “Texas Hold ‘Em”;
Sitting in Maggie’s walker;
And finally, (politely) heading for the car.

Oh, how I hope that my shoes will enjoy their new life in Charleston! :) Thanks, Tim!!