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Yesterday was a good day.

Weeded the little garden, added tomato cages, and picked my first cucumber… yahoo!! I now have lots of tomatoes (still green), banana peppers (very small), and a teensy-tiny baby watermelon (which I accidentally stepped on, but hopefully it’ll overcome its childhood trauma and get big anyway).

From left to right: The little garden in its entirety; banana peppers; roma tomatoes; and an (abused) baby watermelon

Don’t remember ever being this dirty… it was kind of satisfying. Who needs gloves?!?

The S-Dans came over for a cookout… great fun!

The ladies gabbing on the deck;
The kids and hubbies running about the yard;
Julie meets Dramatic Mag (right before she found Julie’s sunglasses and got happy)

David Lee bonds with the Maggie;
The kiddies help Bobby feed the fish;
One of Drew’s cutie twin boys (I admit, I can’t tell them apart) chills with Coby;
The card sharks take over the dining room.

Dance Party, Rettew house, 11 o’clock!
Drew’s little Karrigan shows off her dance moves. Check out her shirt & shorts, compliments of Sue. The shorts were a little large, so she’s sporting the “gathered” look to keep them from falling off :)

And the aftermath… which actually wasn’t that bad, thanks to Julie’s insistence on cleaning the kitchen :)

The Chins check out the firepit debris (and yes, Oscar managed to unearth & gulp a half-burnt s’more);
Dishes in the sink… the left side is clean (thanks Julie & Jennifer!), right side is disgusting;
The beer cooler this morning. Anybody up for a after-party beer drinkathon?

And the Chins sleeping it off. They’ll be in this semi-comatose state for the rest of the day! :)