This weekend was pure slothfulness. Bobby and I rotated from the couch to the kitchen to the deck and back again…. utterly lazy and enjoying every second. Correction: I enjoyed every second of it, while Bobby swung between enjoyment and antsiness. Why, hello, role reversal, so nice to see you here.

On Saturday night, I didn’t have a feeling of dread. The Sat night norm is to start the downward slide around 6pm, feeling the knowledge of Sunday creeping in. And Sunday’s only a precursor to Monday. From the time I open my eyes on Sunday morning, there’s a conscious effort to NOT be grumpy or let the impending Monday ruin 50% of the weekend.

But this Saturday night was dread-free. And this Sunday morning was sunny. And this evening, I gleefully watched the clock strike 11pm and I purposefully didn’t go to bed. Because I don’t have to. Ha.

I know that this is temporary, and I must rejoin the world of normal people with normal schedules at some point in the near future. But right now, at 2:05am, I’m wallowing in my freedom. Alarm clock, I laugh at you. Ha.