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So I’m officially unemployed.

It still doesn’t seem real to me… really, really it doesn’t. Yesterday was an odd day. I didn’t cry. I didn’t even feel like crying. I didn’t initiate any dramatic, painful goodbyes. Some people came to wish me luck and ask me about my future plans (or lack thereof). The S-Dans (as Daddy fondly calls them) are somewhat fascinated by my lack of plan. The conversations I’ve had this week have ranged from excited to envious to confusion to concern to almost annoyed… people don’t understand. That’s ok, I guess… I don’t completely understand myself.

Documenting the final Friday morning drive to work:

I spied a hot-air balloon floating over Anderson (symbolism, anyone?); my favorite curve on the drive to S-D; and the classic Southern diner – it’s always packed in the mornings.

The chain-link fence that makes political statements with plastic cups (this fence might actually be worth the occasional drive back to Easley just for updates); and the entrance that I walked into every morning… I think this particular doorway is so freakin’ depressing!

I worked a full day yesterday. Created guides, complete with screen captures, on all the reports that I’m responsible for so that my coworkers will be able to run them. Made sure that all my duties had been reassigned. Helped write the job description for my replacement. Then I cleaned out my desk – all my belongings from the last 1.5 years only filled up two plastic grocery bags – and wiped my desk and equipment down… don’t wanna leave dust and such for the next Sarah. I was the last one to leave last night – it was just easier and less dramatic than having a big, “official” exit. Before I left, I typed up a funny little “last will & testament” for my coworkers and put a copy on everyone’s desk for Monday morning. Hopefully it’ll make them smile.

Documenting my coworkers (some of them):

Lunch with Julie (isn’t she pretty?); Sarah 1 encapsulated in a single picture (no, this cell-phone-using, watch-checking picture was NOT posed); and Drew.

Sarah 1 & Julie on the way back from lunch; the
Unforgettable Ron (looking uncharacteristically harmless); and pulling out of the S-D parking lot for the last time.

So ok then. The End.

When I arrived home, there was a surprise unemployment party awaiting me, compliments of my fabulous family. Bobby had compiled an entire CD of job-quitting songs (including “Take this Job & Shove It,” “Celebrate Good Times,” “Ready to Run” by the Chicks, and “If I Had a Million Dollars”… my favorite tune from the Barenaked Ladies. So we drank and ate and sweated on the front porch in the South Carolina heat – until Jen, Sue, and I, in a moment of childish glee, ran through the sprinkler fully clothed, shouting with laughter. And throughout the evening, Mama was there. She was there on the front porch, holding her Maggie, and laughing her huge laugh… I know that Mama’s so proud of me. I actually did cry yesterday – not at work, but while talking to Mama on the way home. She would have thought that my job-quitting was hilarious… it’s just the kind of thing that she took great joy in endorsing :)

Documentation of my Umemloyment Party:

Happy signs and celebration cake, compliments of Jennifer

Classic dance moves from Jen & Bobby; and Sue presents the birthday plates in honor of my “rebirth” :)

Pretty pics of the sisters as we melt on the front porch, which lead to sprinkler dancing… good times! :P