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We just watched Netflix #2, “Into the Wild.” Hated it. Really, really detested the main character. The movie was well-done… managed to be riveting for 2.5 hours. But I got annoyed during the the first family interactions, and pretty much stayed that way throughout. Poor sad little boy whose parents wanted him to go to Harvard. Poor abused little guy who just wanted to drive his Datsun and leave materialism (and his family, apparently) behind and find the truth. Good god, cry me a freakin’ river. I think I’m feeling a bit bitchy tonight, but I felt a distinct twinge of satisfaction when he dies in the end. Good – serves him right, self-indulgent little prick. How hard would it have been for him to write his mother? Or call his sister? Selfish jerk. I just felt sorry for the people who loved him.


And speaking of selfish, I’m an ungrateful little wretch myself. My laptop came today (Bobby and I bought the cheapest one we could find), and it doesn’t have the finger-touch mouse pad thingie. Only the little red button in the middle. What the hell?!? I’ve never even heard of a laptop not having a mouse paddy thing. And, because you get what you pay for, the company has a no return/exchange policy. Completely annoyed. Poor little Sarah who has a brand-new laptop and is still discontent. Poor little whiny Sarah with no mouse paddy thing.

Might as well just acknowledge the actual root cause of the ick. Tomorrow’s my last real day at S-D. Julie’s taking a vacation day on Friday, so tomorrow’s it. Blah. I wish I could fast-forward through the next two days. I don’t think I’ve let myself realize how much I’m going to miss her. How much I’m going to miss my whole little S-D crew. I’ll just be so glad when it’s done and I can put the yuckiness in a box and shut the lid.