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Bobby and I continue to make this house our own… slowly but surely, we’re working our way from one little project to the next. The front gate was dragging the ground, so Bobby added this nifty little spring contraption that solves the dragging issues. A minor improvement, but we have greatly enjoying using our free-swinging gate :)

And since Coby joined us, we’ve been leaving the back door open to let the Chins go in and out. Thus an open invitation to those nasty minions of Satan (aka cockroaches… ick). So Bobby took the back door down, sawed a hole, and installed a doggy door. Nice. The Chins are free to hop in and out at will, and no more minions have been spotted. Woohoo for exorcism!

Finally, the living room – we painted it. It was this sponge-painted pale yellowish ivory color above the chair rail. Not offensive, but not super-duper great either. So we returned to our favorite neutral… barley by Eddie Bauer. We went with barley in Charlotte too, and coincidentally, Mama choose that color for the living room in Townville as well. It’s nice – kinda Pottery Barn-esque, and changes from khaki to olive green as the light changes. We went with neutral because of the blue dining room, and we’re going with a big dose of color in the kitchen… maybe mustard or orange. Haven’t decided. Yay for paint.

And last night was family dinner night and we had pizza at Jen & Tom’s. Maggie loves me again… we played with Cookie Monster, and she stood on her little legs for the first time, and she now has 8 teeth! Holy mackerel! :)

The Maggie takes a stand. Oh, THAT’S what these leg things are for!

Maggie Snugglebug and her doting Granddaddy

Oh, and one more little thing. Michele sent me an coupon for a free month of Netflix, and I’m freakin’ addicted! Stayed up until 2am last night putting movies in my queue… I already have 69 picked out, which should get me through the rest of 2008 and maybe some of 2009 as well. I don’t think of myself as a big move-watcher, but when I started clicking around, and found TONS of movies that I wanted to see, I realized that I just don’t like going to the movie rental place, and I don’t like having to take them back. Bobby and I are the worst movie rental customers EVER… we pay $3 for a rental, and then $15 in late fees… ridiculous. So my first two selections are shipping Monday – “Junebug” (an Indie film) and “Into the Wild” (recommendation from Brad) – can’t wait! Thanks, Michele :)