So I did it. I turned my 2-week notice in.

Ron took it really well… he wished me luck and asked me what’s next. When I replied that I wasn’t sure, that I just hated manufacturing, he laughed and said that actually, he did too. And then he told me that (to quote him) “it was a bitch to lose me,” and I think he really meant it.

My coworkers – that was a hard one. Sarah 1 cried. Julie teared up even though she already knew. Tim is “bummed” (his word). Drew moved that we disband the wolfpack (because, bored and trapped in our cubes, we’ve begun calling ourselves the Wolfe Pack just to liven things up a bit). But since life does go on after all, there are already emails floating about discussing the new name of our group, sans-me. The suggestions so far include the School (of pir-RON-has), the Flock (of geese – apparently one of my coworkers survived a goose attack and lived to tell about it), the Purchasing Man O’War (get it? Instead of Portuguese man o’war? Har har), and the Fleet (of [insert attack sailing vessel here]).

I feel… relieved. Anxious. Sad. Disbelieving. Liberated. Scared to death. And really freakin’ excited!!

Well, got that outta the way.