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The shitty day continues.

I just got an email from Clemson thanking for my interest, and wishing me the best of luck with my future endeavors. I didn’t get the job. I’m floored. I’ve never, ever interviewed for a job, and then not gotten it. I really felt like that job was mine – I had the education, the experience, flawless references, people on the inside pushing me, and most of all, I had a slam-dunk interview. I sat there in my little suit, and I truly, truly thought it went great. I was myself, but professional. I answered each questions articulately but with passion and personality. I KNEW two of the three interviewers, for gods sake. And yet apparently there was another candidate who was a better fit. My inside source told me that they only interviewed 5 people… and out of the five, I was, at best, second-best. I feel like someone just punched me in the stomach. This is the FIFTH time that Clemson has rejected me. The first four were ok… I didn’t even get an interview. But this one hurts. They met me, they talked to me, they looked me in the eye, and they found me lacking.

I just hid in the canteen and called Bobby and Jennifer. I feel like crying and puking. Jennifer suggested going with crying because puking leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. I don’t really know if the taste could get worse than the one I already have.

And I can’t call Mama.