My and Bobby’s five-year anniversary is this Saturday, May 17th. It, like so many things these days, has a sort of surreal feeling… So hard to comprehend that it’s been half a decade. We’re leaving Sat morning, and heading for Dillsboro, NC. Staying in a cute little bed-and-breakfast, and having dinner on a train. I’ve never been on a train – I anticipate great things =)

I’m looking forward to getting out of town… things have been a little testy this week. At work, there’s been a weird cloud of funkiness hanging low over our dept. I’ve been abnormally, disproportionately irritable about stupid crap… my job, the roach sighting, Coby’s accident, the hot tub repair bill, money… oh, the list goes on and on. So I’m making a concerted effort to leave my funk at home this weekend, and hopefully it’ll be dissipated by the time we get back… here’s hopin’!

Bobby and I had our Dr Jerry appt last night. It was an odd one – neither of us had much to say at first, so Dr Jerry had to poke around. Ended up discussing the state of our in-laws… Bobby and my family, and me and his family. That was interesting, and not finished – probably fodder for a good few months of sessions.

And here’s a happening from this week… Don’t know if Sue’s going to write about it, so I’m gonna take it on myself to say that she finally took control of her finances and