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Our network is down here at work this morning, so I guess I’m being forced to amuse myself until it’s back up and running… well, dang it :)

So, in desperation, I’m being forced to turn to my favorite subject (drumroll, please)……


After all, she is the most photographed child ever (with the exception of maybe Brad & Angelina’s offspring)… it really would be disgraceful to not share these with the world. Right?

The little “melon-head,” as her Daddy Tom so fondly calls her. Her head in the 90th percentile, while her weight is in the 25th… funny little baby! And check out that round little tummy :)

The temper of the Mag… “Oh, Mama, I KNOW you didn’t just put me in my stroller!” And then she leaned over and bit Jennifer with all 4 of her teeth! Look at how red she gets – her whole head looks like it’s going to explode into a ball of fury. Is it bad that we all think her temper tantrums are funny? Probably… we’re creating a Maggie-beast. But honestly (at the risk of inciting outrage among good, non-spoiling parents everywhere), I just don’t think it matters that we’re spoiling her… As Daddy (Mag’s Granddaddy) says, life will unspoil her soon enough. Bite away, Maggie D!! (heehee, just kidding.. all you parents out there are going to be gleefully saying “I told you so” when she turns little a little diva demon ;)

Eskimo kisses, Maggie-style. She’ll now give “eskimo kisses” on demand, although her aim is a little off. Sometimes, she does the traditional eskimo kiss nose-rub. Other times, however, she misses and rubs her forehead on your nose instead. It really is precious – sometimes painful, when she enthusiastically rams her head into your nose – but too cute to care about the shooting pain through your face :)

And the sleeping Maggie with a little angel face…. don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I love that baby?!