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This morning at 602 North Street…

Last night, the Maggie had her first bath at Auntie Sarah’s house.. she wasn’t too sure about it at first, but got all happy there at the end. Silly little baby! :) She’s growing up so fast – it seems like every time I see her, she’s bigger or she’s learned some new trick that I’ve never seen before. I’ve always heard people say “they grow up too fast”, but it meant nothing until now… I feel like I miss things if I don’t see her every single day. She may have even said her first word yesterday – Jennifer and Tom both heard her say “Mama.” Now, it may have been pure coincidence… but then again, she IS a genius baby :) And she knows when we’re talking to/about her – last night she was sitting on my lap, and Sue and I were talking. Mid-conversation, Sue broke off and looked at Maggie, who had contorted herself into a little monkey ball and was making a ridiculous face, and said “Maggie, you are so WEIRD.” Maggie, perfectly on cue, turned around and grinned at Sue and started giggling…. She KNEW. She knew we were talking to and about her, and she interacted perfectly with the conversation.

(left) Thanks for the lovely hairdo, Aunt Sarah. (right) Bathtime is over. … yay for being clean!

It’s completely amazing to me that she’s already to this point… it really does seem like just the other day that she was the size of Baby Matthew.

Who, by the way, is absolutely precious in every way. Sue said, and I agree, that we’ve never known another family who has such distinctive features… the shape of the eyes are unmistakably Lee… Maybe I can betroth Maggie to Matthew so we can integrate those eyes into our family’s gene pool ;)

And Michele and I had one of our marathon conversations last night. I do so love her – we were talking about secret husband crap, and she was hiding in her closet behind the clothes so that Michael wouldn’t hear her… yeah, bet that doesn’t make him a little bit suspicious :) She and Evan, her 2.5-yr-old bundle of fun, are coming to visit in 2 weeks – can’t wait! It’s funny how things work sometimes – when we lived in Charlotte, Michele and I were actually neighbors, but didn’t see each other much outside of work. Now, I only WISH that we were neighbors. I’ve even picked out a house just for her… now all I have to do is convince them to move to Anderson :)