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On Saturday, Bobby and I painted the dining room. Correction: Bobby painted the dining room and I watched. He is an amazingly fast and accurate painter… it’s really best if I stay out of his way, and then help with the trim. And although I’ve read much about blue not being a good color for eating areas (apparently, it stifles appetite? Not necessarily a bad thing), I am quite happy with it. Yay for antique blue dining rooms! :)

Went to dinner in downtown Anderson Sat night. Sue was on a date with the new boy (AGAIN!!:), so it was just Daddy, Jen, Tom, Bobby, and the Mag. Historic downtown is in the process of reinventing itself… Lots of outdoor seating, little restaurants and shops, street lamps, and music. We like.
Dinner on the sidewalk, and Maggie chillin’ on her Granddaddy’s lap

And on Sunday, Bobby and I spent long, long time doing yard work. Holy crap, there’s a lot to do in our little yard! I weeded, Bobby cut grass, I arranged our newly purchased sprinkler hose in the little garden plot, Bobby zoomed around with the weed-eater and weed-ate, I raked tree debris, Bobby gathered my little tree debris piles in his little wheelbarrow. Highlight of the day was the removal of a dead string of lights from one of the trees. I had the bright idea that I should cut them with my trusty pair of garden scissors… and then there was a *POP* and sparks flew and an electric tingle up my arm… bad idea. So Bobby the tree sprite hopped into the tree, spewing very unspritely obscenities, while Sue and I watched and howled with laughter. He ignored us… and once the lights were removed, he went crashing down over the neighbor’s fence into her shrubbery and ivy. Sue and I shrieked while Oscar and Coby looked on in bewilderment. The neighbor either didn’t notice the large, burly Bobby rolling around in her yard, or she chose to ignore it. We should put a sign in our front yard that says “Well, there goes the neighborhood…”
And then, in an unrelated incident, I fell down. Was spraying the front porch, and went flying off the steps like a rocket. Freakin’ hurt. Am now sporting a plethora of bruises.

Evening ended with an ice cream trip in Bobby’s newly washed convertible, then lots of Ibuprofen for everyone. Good times.