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All is well with Daddy… The skin cancer was in-situ, and was easily removed. Very fortunate considering that Daddy got his first call back in 2005 that the pathology report had come back positive, and he finally goes strolling in THREE YEARS LATER. What is UP with my parents’ complete disregard for doctors appts?!?! I extracted a promise that he would attend all dr appts going forward.

And Bobby and I had a financial development. After much discussion, we agreed that VIEW Digital Media can now be depended upon to cover the monthly deficit. So as an act of faith, we reduced our emergency fund back down to the standard pre-job loss amount. Safety nets are good sometimes… but they can also breed complacency. So we removed our buffer – makes me nervous, but I think it’ll help Bobby and me stay financially focused. We’ve almost cut the business loan in half during the last few months – am thinking that we may be able to pay it off by the end of the summer? That would be just super-duper :) We’ll see….

Last night was my weekly evening with the Maggie, and we had a photo shoot…. 147 pictures later, I think we got some really good ones! :) She’s just so funny – she rolls about and makes the strangest little faces. And then suddenly, she’ll burrow her face in my shoulder and unlease an ungodly shriek of such sorrow for no apparent reason. She just makes me laugh… I truly can’t imagine what life would be without her.

And of course I can’t not include a few (ok, more than a few)… so here she is! The many faces of Maggie D! :)