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In the last week or so, I’ve met my yard for the first time. We bought our little house during the winter, in February, when everything was cold and frozen. Now that spring has arrived, it’s like a present every day – I have no idea what color anything’s going to be, or what kind of tree/flower/bush it is… I get a wonderful little surprise almost every day, it seems.

Sarah, meet Beautiful Yard.
Beautiful Yard, meet Sarah
Nice to meet you, Beautiful Yard. You make me very happy.

So Sue and I took the Magpie out into the front yard this evening, and sat in the grass. It was like the Shire and Maggie was the Hobbit.

Path of stepping stones… and please admire Bobby’s grass. He’s put much time and fertilizer into it, and it is truly lovely!

View from the front porch. The dogwood trees technically belong to our neighbor, but they reach over the fence. Dogwoods were Mama’s favorite – she loved how they looked like they were floating in the forest.

And here’s Sue enjoying her own unique vantage point. A bit incongruous, but… that’s Sue.

The Hobbit House

And Mama visited this evening. After the sun went down, Sue and I were sitting in the living room – she was watching her lover, Horatio, and I was feeding the Mag – and Maggie leaned forward and reached for Mama and smiled her sunshine smile. Maggie is our portal to where Mama is – I know she’s just a breath away.