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My appt with Dr Jerry.

I start the appt with the bugs – I explain to him about how they’ve been crawling under my skin all day. And he doesn’t even blink. He replies “Well, let’s exterminate them.” And inexplicably, I feel better. We talk about God stuff with Dr Jerry for a long, long time. My notes are very weird and abstract – haven’t completely figured them out yet, and they’re all scribbled haphazardly on a half-sheet of paper, which is so unlike me. But when Bobby and I left Dr Jerry’s office, I felt better. Calmer.

Oh, and Dr Jerry told me to take my self-help library back to Books-A-Million and get just one book that I actually really want to read. What a novel idea. Novel, get it?…. Har har.

Afterward, Bobby and I rode to Clemson for some sort of VIEW errand, and we talked. Not shallow talk, but the real thing. He’s really smart. Sometimes – well, a lot of the time – I forget how smart my husband is. He started saying something, and I started to interrupt him and explain why what he was saying was stupid, but instead I shut my mouth and listened, and he had an interesting and valid point that I would have totally missed if I had cut him off. I’m glad I married him, I am.

And that was the end of the day. We got take-out from Chili’s and a 12-pack of Corona, and I fell into a content sleep on the couch with my beer and self-help books.

Oh my.