Yesterday was an immensely odd day.

Bobby’s car is in the shop, so he dropped me off for an 8:30 dentist appt. My teeth are cleaned, my head is x-rayed, my next appt is confirmed. All is well. I call Jennifer to let her know I’m finished so that she can come collect me.

Here’s where things took an odd turn.

I started walking. I decided to walk from the dentist to the bagel shop, which really is a feasible walking distance. I’m carrying my purse with my dorky laptop backpack thingie on my back. And I’m trekking down Boulevard, feeling alive with the wind in my hair. So I documented my journey with my handy-dandy ever-present camera.

The journey to the bagel shop begins.

I pass Sue’s favorite house… I’ve never actually seen it while not in a speeding car, and it really is quite lovely.

I’m a pedestrian. I have my own sign.

The wind blows through my hair as I trek onward toward my bagel-selling destination.

This is where my feet began to hurt… hello, shin splints.

Jennifer arrives in her trusty Avalon to rescue me…

But no rescue is necessary because EUREKA!…. I’ve arrived at the corner where the Corner Bagel Bakery & Deli awaits!! [insert triumphant music here]