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I just received an unexpected gift – it really is interesting and oddly providential how seemingly unrelated things work together sometimes. Sarah 1 and I went out for lunch, and she started telling me about a book she’s reading – “The New Earth.” It was eerily appropriate for the thought processes that I’ve been muddling through for the past week… all about dealing with pain and your own drama and not “projecting” (right, Dr Jerry?) and not overreacting (re: last night’s conversation with Jennifer). I’m so excited… I want to go out and buy it right now. My Movement to Self-Improvement has become a crawl recently – I went on a medical spree with teeth and eyes and hair and therapy and more therapy. But after that initial rush, I’ve stalled… not sure where to go now, or what direction to take.

And I believe that I just received my sign.

Thank you, Mama!