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We’re having Maggie’s Easter pictures made today, so I’m leaving early…. yay for leaving early!! Our timing is actually perfect according to Van Sullivan, the photographer, because everything just bloomed this past week. We’re going to do some outside in a garden, and then the rest in the studio… Am very excited about the professional capture of Maggie’s cuteness!! :)

And Sue is continuing in her quest to become a pseudo-vegetarian. Last night, after my Dr Jerry catharsis, we had a dinner of tuna salad and hearts of palm. Very strange, but tasty. We’ll see how long she can maintain…

Jennifer has been much more responsive to my neediness since our spat on Monday night… she’s called me several times, and actually answers the phone when I call her. It’s been an exciting breakthrough for all involved :) I called her voice mail Tuesday morning and issued a sniveling apology, and then she responded via email… said that she’s just processing things differently, and that she wasn’t being intentionally hurtful. I knew that, but it helped to hear her say it. And going forward, I’m going to try to make a concerted effort to not be judgy.

And Michele casually mentioned this week that she might start blogging, and I would like to take this opportunity to say (again) “Yes, Michele, please do!!” I would, without a doubt, stalk her blog relentlessly.

Bobby called this morning and said that yesterday’s Dr Jerry appt helped tremendously. He said that he feels like his anxiety level has decreased, and that things that would normally stress him out horribly just feel like minor inconveniences instead. He feels like having an objective 3rd party actually helps us listen to each other, instead of getting all pissy and annoyed – not to mention that Dr Jerry actually has some helpful feedback as well. So we’re going to figure out how to continue building Dr J into our budget… Got our first bill yesterday, and it appears that he’s giving us a discount. Maybe because my entire family is now seeing him?!?!

Have a coffee headache today… haven’t fed the monster enough, apparently. Am going for a caffeine refill, and then will try to get my email out of the triple digits. That’s me, always setting my goals high and aiming for the stars :)