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Ok, so this day has been a total bust. I’ve been pretty much completely useless…. so here are some fun pics:

The circa-1940’s china cabinet
Our latest Craig’s List bargain…. love, love, love it! After 5 years of being shuffled from attic to closet to storage room back to attic, our wedding china & crystal actually has a place to live. The blue/gold antique plate (below) is from my G-ma Weathers. I’m plotting to paint the walls that blue-grayish color. Everyone seems to freak out when I mention painting over the red, but our townhouse dining room was red, and I’m just kind of over it. Plus, red just feels dramatic, and we’re trying to minimize the drama at 602 North Street…. :)

Sue had a drink… or two
Last week, we were planning to go to Jen & Tom’s to watch a movie. However, it got late, Sue got tipsy, and fell asleep on the sofa – but not before “packing” for the trip. This made me giggle – check out the Chanel handbag, that doubles as a handy beverage cooler. Her assortment includes Corona, Yuengling, Woodchuck, and your standard water to prevent potential dehydration.

Maggie’s Love-Hate Relationship with the Paparazzi
Maggie’s diaper change turned into an event when she spied Aunt Sarah’s camera and went after it. Silly little baby! :)

And finally…..

The Maggie’s souvenirs from the Land O’ Corn
Aunt Sarah bought Maggie Butterfly a shirt from Iowa featuring a rhinestone butterfly (of course) and a grinning, stuffed ear of corn. Now I ask you, what child doesn’t need a grinning, stuffed ear of corn?!? Her stuffed animal collection is a little eclectic, including a sunfish from the Monterey Aquarium, giant penguin, llama made of alpaca fur, 2-ft long elephant, and a GIGANTIC bear from her Granddaddy (like, she’ll seriously be able to ride that bear until her first date).