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Oh, and random thing. I’m not so much into Facebook, but I occasionally log into the account the Sue created for me to see if anybody else has messaged me… So I’m clicking around, and see a link for the “Lander Class of 2000.” Clicked on that sucker, and lo and behold, a face from my past appeared….

The Brazilian ex-boyfriend. Dum-dum-duuuuuuummmmm [insert forboding music here].

Talk about shock. I’ve wondered what happened to him – I’ve googled him on multiple occasions, but have never been able to unearth anything except that he got his Masters from Clemson in 2004.

So since I have a limited profile because I refuse to invest the time and energy, Sue and I logged onto her acct and Facebook-stalked him. I always thought he would move back to Brazil and/or marry a Brazilian girl and make his mama a happy woman. But nope, I was wrong. He’s living in Munich, Germany, working for Bosch, married to a pretty little German girl named Elodie, and just had a beautiful baby girl in Sept-07 named Alyssa. Whoa. Craziness.

What stood out to me more than anything is that he appears to be happy. He, of perpetual discontentment, the hater of commitment, the target of much resentment, is HAPPY. So maybe it was just me.. But he’s still good-looking – less hair, and wears glasses now, but the pretty, pretty eyes are just the same. The caption under a pic of his baby girl is “Life is good.” And you know what?….. I think he really means it.

Good for him…. and I really mean it.