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This week, I:

  • Hosted a low-country boil for Ms Linda’s b-day… twas a smashing success if I do say so myself
  • Bought a loveseat and china cabinet via Craig’s List… love, love Craig’s List
  • Got my hair dyed and bobbed – it’s shorter than ever before. I think I like it.
  • Flew to Iowa
  • Learned much about various work-related topics
  • Pissed off my Iowa-ians counterparts
  • Flew home from Iowa
  • Applied for a job at Clemson that actually has some relevance to my degree(s)
  • Went to Townville and just did it – sans breakdown or meltdown or anything-down of any kind

Has been a busy week. I’m tired, but it’s a good kind of tired… Of course, when Monday rolls back around, I may no longer be of that opinion.

This morning, Bobby, Daddy, Sue and I went to Lander for an Open House, and it was just felt right. LU has truly reinvented itself – it has the same small-school personality, but with a facelift. The campus is beautimous… landscaped, well-kept, renovated. During lunch, we made a list of pros and cons:

CONS – Library closes at 11pm (who the hell is done studying at 11pm?). Learning Center, which houses Humanities & Business classes, is brick/dark/not new/not Sue-approved. Small school = Political drama. It’s just scary to go to a new place with new people in a new town as a new person.

PROS – Offers history degree with teaching certification (something that requires a double major at Clemson). Dorms (Sue loved the brand-new Centennial Hall). Parking – it’s crazy close. Class size is teensy-tiny. Academic advisors actually take advising seriously. Study Abroad programs are a feasible possibility. Small school = Personal. When we told our tour guide asst that we weren’t interested in the next few stops on the tour, she broke off from the group and gave us our own personalized tour of only the stuff we wanted to see… Gotta love that :)

And then we met with the Financial Aid and Admissions guys, and they actually cared. Sue teared up when she told them about the last year, and why she had withdrawn from Clemson, and they cared. It was nice, really nice.

I’m scared to get excited because I don’t want to jinx it. But I had a good feeling about today…