I’m currently somewhere between Greenville and Memphis – has been an eventful flight to some extent. Flight was delayed once, then twice, then again until my connecting flight was in jeopardy.

Went to the counter to talk to Jennifer, a northwest employee who could barely contain her irritation at my impertinent questions – I tried to be nice, really I did, until I asked “ok, ma’am, I understand that nothing is the way it’s supposed to be. Now what are my options?” and she replied in a I’m-talking-really-slowly-because-you’re-obviously-stupid tone that I could just wait until tomorrow and try again. I told her that despite my effort to nice to her since the beginning of our conversation, I had noticed that her tone was completely out of line, considering her customer service position – and she rolled her eyes and heaved a long-suffering sigh, and my nostrils flared, and then I STARTED CRYING. What the hell?!? Why was I crying? Asking to speak to her supervisor? Completely acceptable response. Explaining to her that Northwest should reconsider their decision to employee her? A little crass, but still somewhat understandable. Hurling her through the plate-glass window? Ok, that’s a bit aggressive. But CRYING?!?! What am I, a freakin pansy? Why did I cry? I don’t know. I don’t understand it. I turned around and walked away from her while she was still talking about how I had no options. Later, she called me back to the desk and told me in a very placating sort of way that she had made some calls, and she still didn’t have any more information, but she wanted me to know that she had tried. Whatever.

So I’m on the plane to Memphis with really no guarantee that I’m going to make my connecting flight. I’m going to try my damndest though – don’t wanna be stuck in Memphis overnight by myself. The “by myself” part doesn’t bother me so much – it’s just that I really wanted to have time to somewhat settle myself in my hotel room before starting the training tomorrow… and if I’m in Memphis, I probably won’t make it to Des Moines until sometime Monday afternoon,

Ok, we’re beginning our descent…. Don’t know if I’m gonna make, but I’m just going to bull-doze my way right off of here