So after Mama died, I finally returned to work – barely holding it together and feeling pretty much like crap. Had a meeting on the other side of the plant, and when I reached under my desk, I discovered that my safety shoes had been pilfered, stolen, thieved by someone who obviously had no soul and size 8.5 feet. Was very bitter and angry – I believe a quote from that day’s post read as follows:

So because life doesn’t suck enough, and because I don’t have enough issues right now, somebody stole my f-ing safety shoes out from under my f-ing desk!!! Now isn’t THAT lovely – oh, that girl’s out because her mom died, so I think I’ll take her shoes. That’s just a shitty thing to do, and whoever they are, I hope they slip and fall and die.

In a show of disgust for all things safety-related, I steadfastly refused to purchase another pair of shoes for the last 6 months… But finally, on this past Friday, because it’s getting warmer and my shoes will soon be open-toed again, I took the plunge and made the purchase. $120 later (good god, they should be gold-toed instead of steel-toed), I walked away the smoldering, embittered owner of a new pair of shoes. Having learned my lesson, I took my shoes home with me over the weekend to ensure their safety – and then Saturday night, proceeded to customize them.

So here they are… steal these, suckers! My pink monogrammed safety shoes and I dare ya.