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Tonight, Ginny Plant came for dinner. She was a coworker for only 2 months at Skatell’s in Charlotte during my first year there – she quit and moved away, I quit and went to Jacobsen, and that was the end of that. But she’s really, really good at keeping in touch. It’s one of those uncanny relationships, where although I’m usually so reluctant to label someone as “a friend,” it was just easy with her. She understands – I don’t have to say that much, and she just gets it. Throughout the last six months, since Sept 17th, she has regularly emailed me… Just a little one-liner here and there, saying that she’s thinking about me and that’s all. No obligation, no guilt trips, no expectations. She just cares.

So tonight she came over for dinner, and we sat around the dining room table – Daddy, Jen, Sue, Tom, the Maggie, Bobby, and Ginny Plant. And it was like she had known them and they had known her forever. It warmed me.

I have very few friends, but the ones I have are truly lovely people.