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Ok, so I haven’t posted in weeks, and much has happened. I’ve begun an endeavor, what I’m fondly referring to as “the movement to self-improvement.” It’s tiny things that might have been SOP (that’s manufacturing-speak for “standard operating procedure”) before. Now, after, they’re a big, huge, freakin’ deal. And I’m actually just a tad proud of myself.

So here goes…

1 – Bobby and I have reached some semblance of a routine with our new schedules. We love, cherish, and eternally adore our house, and Bobby has proclaimed that he will be a garbage man in order to make the house payment if that’s what it takes. If that actually comes to pass, I’ll post a picture of Bobby and his garbage truck.

2 – The Maggie has two teeth with another on the way, and continues to be the most precious human ever birthed. I have to add pictures… words just cannot do justice to her indescribable cuteness.

The teeth. The bib. The rainbow eyes. Oh yes, definitely the most precious human ever birthed.

And here’s one more just cuz I can’t resist:

3 – Sue is getting her crap together, broke up with Sam the Yankee Hobbit for what will hopefully be the final time, and is applying to Lander to get a fresh start in Aug. Meanwhile, she has become a fully contributing member of the Concentrix team, and has actually (unofficially) been offered a full-time job. This is a truly fabulous accomplishment for a young lady who’s been threatening to off herself for months now.

4 – Daddy had a root canal, his hernia fixed, and has scheduled his sleep apnea surgery. Told him that all he needs now is liposuction and a tummy tuck, and he’ll be a new man :)

5 – Jennifer is continuing to get all nestled into her little yellow bungalow (we all live in a yellow bungalow, a yellow bungalow, a yellow bungalow (to be sung to the tune of “Yellow Submarine”, of course… heehee).

6 – Bobby turned 34 last Wednesday, and we had his family + nonfamily-people-we-love-a-lot over for our first pseudo-dinner party in our new house. After they all left, he and David Lee rang in his 34th (or would it technically be his 35th?) year by watching Jackass 2 and giggling with abandon at old naked man balls and old naked woman boobs until the wee hours of the morning.

7 – Michele came down for the weekend and I love her.

8 – M and I have officially acknowledged what actually happened a long time ago. It’s very sad and so I’m not going to talk about it now.

9 – I replied to one of Ginny Plant’s many patient and loving emails, and we’re having dinner tonight. Yay!

10 – I truly enjoy the company of my coworkers – truly I do – more than I’ve ever enjoyed any work relationships.

11 – Found a new dentist and made an appt. Am getting my teeth cleaned, two cracked fillings replaced (apparently I’ve taken to grinding my teeth so hard at night that I’m murdering my fillings. Nice.), and info on whitening.

12 – Found a new optometrist and made an appt. Am getting my eyes checked, new glasses and contacts, and info on laser surgery.

13 – Found a new vet for Oscar and made an appt. He’s now completely updated on his shots, and I bought and used a Furminator to eliminate his shedding issues. He hates it but I love it.

14 – Made an appt with Dr Hearn. He gave me the green light to go back on Clomid whenever I want. Don’t want to quite yet since we have this little thing called a monthly deficit, but it’s still progress.

15 – Made an appt with Anmed Health to have my second mammogram. I may get breast cancer, but it’s not going to be because I ignored the risks.

16 – Made an appt with Dr Jerry. I had quit seeing him, but Sue has been trying to talk me into going back – so I am – on Monday, March 17th, the 6-month anniversary.

17 – Made an appt with Donna Davis, the Bereavement Coordinator for Hospice (how’s that for a god-awful title?!?). Am going to enroll our entire family in Hospice’s “Grief Series” – a 5-week group counseling session for people who have lost someone in the last year.

18 – Am going to make an appt to see Lisa the Wonderful and get my hair turned a lovely caramel color.

19 – Set up online accts for all our new utilities, and chewed on Charter until they lowered our bill, AND refunded $50… yay for me :)

20 – Hung a welcome sign that Jennifer bought me 3 or 4 yrs ago – I never lived in a place permanent enough to hang it, so it’s been shuffled from attic to storage room until it finally found its permanent home on our white picket fence this past weekend.

Ok, I think that’s all my accomplishments, big and small. It may be annoying to anyone reading this (not sure if anyone IS reading this) that I put each little achievement in its own little paragraph. But these things are big deals to me. And therefore I will communicate that by giving each its own little moment to shine. I haven’t been overly proactive in the last year or so, so any semblance of normalcy is something to be acknowledged and nurtured.

So there you have it.