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Am feeling much better this morning. Yesterday was a day of extremes… extreme stress when I opened my eyes and realized that our first mortgage payment is due on April 1st, extreme rhetorical prowness as I convinced Bobby to demand a severance package, extreme pain when I cracked my already-bruised and battered shins on one of the zillion boxes sitting everywhere, and EXTREME joy that despite everything, this house is just absolutely more than I ever imagined it could be.

So yesterday, I:
1) re-vamped Bobby’s resume and made him sound fabulous and irresistable,
2) finished unpacking the kitchen,
3) had three crying fits,
4) had a talk with Mama during which I asked her to pull some strings to get us out of this little unemployment jam,
5) got a supportive and profane voice mail from my BFF Michele, who proclaimed this latest development to be nothing but “pure bullshit,”
6) baby-sat the Maggie for a few hours while Jennifer and Tom tried to tussle their out-of-control leaves into submission in time for the weekly city leaf-removal,
7) battled the tyrannical Charter… I lost (of course) – I hate them,
8) tried to teach Oscar through firm but loving words that his new favorite spot on the back of the chair isn’t ok, and that his bed is much better-suited for his afternoon siestas,
9) embraced the new and improved (and hopefully not temporary) Susanna who made a list and went grocery shopping so we would actually have some food in our new cabinets,
10) and finally, had an evening beer and financial discussion with my lovely husband in our new hot tub – it was 105 degrees and simply wonderful.

So this morning, it’s ok. I’m sitting at my lovely dining room table in my lovely dining room with the sun streaming through the lovely windows, having my second cup of coffee and blogging – and although I still feel a bit panicky every time I contemplate our financial future, I know that I have much to be thankful for.

Now I’m going to clear out the office so that Bobby can bring his scads of equipment home today.