Although Maggie, being the genius that she is, masters new tricks on a daily basis, and I feel quite certain that she’s a closet-walker (or at least closet-crawler), occasionally we’re fortunate enough to capture it on camera.

Maggie’s New Tricks: Part One
She’s started mimicking in the last few days. If you stick your tongue out at her, she does it back. If you wave your arms at her, she does it back. If you jump around spastically (which is a common occurence when I’m trying to elicit a response from her), she madly flails her arms and legs and smiles that signature toothless smile. So here’s a picture, although it (of course) doesn’t do her cuteness justice.

Maggie’s New Tricks: Part Two
This morning, Tom when into Maggie’s nursery to get her up (yes, she’s sleeping 10 hrs like a champ), and was puzzled to see that she wasn’t in her crib. He asked Jennifer if she had gotten her up already, which was a negative. Going back into the nursery, he spied a little face peeking out from under the pile of toys in the corner of her crib… little wiggle worm!