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Tom turned 28 yesterday, and Jennifer planned a surprise party for him at Chuck-E-Cheese’s, which is apparently his favorite place in the whole world… We really did have a good time… Tom told the manager as we left that “we’re really gonna shut this place down when I turn 30!” Heehee – funny boy :)

We arrive at Chuck-E-Cheese’s, the mecca for children (both physical and mental) the world over… well, in Greenville at least.

JUBILATION as Tom rips off his blindfold!!

Maggie Bunny, Daddy Tom, Mommy Jennifer, and Chuck-E-Cheese himself

Uncle Bobby, the baby-sitting extradinaire

Showing off their prizes… Jennifer got a beautiful necklace, Tom got a hammer, and Sue got a skull-&-crossbones stamp (reminiscent of the creepy emo kid brother on the “Wedding Crashers”)