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[Excerpt from letter to Michele]

I’m actually kind of overwhelmed by the perfectness of the little house. I told Bobby last night that I know that he wants to build a house one day, but I swear he’s going to have to pry me out of that one with a crowbar. I really did feel overwhelmed while I was walking through last night – the details of everything like the fireplaces, and master bath, and backyard. There’s an insanely big oak tree in the back yard that wasn’t in the pictures – and then the yard actually extends beyond the fence… it’s probably a total of 0.5 acre, which is pretty big considering that it’s smack in the middle of old North Anderson. And my favorite part (I think) is the dining room walls. Have you ever seen that really thick wallpaper at Home Depot that has the etched design, and then you paint it whatever color you want? Well, the dining room has the original plaster – the design that that wallpaper is actually based on. Isn’t that crazy?

The current owners, David & Heather, have incredible taste (and obviously a very large decorating budget) – their furniture, pictures, accessories, everything is picture-perfect – like something you would see in a magazine. I told Bobby that I almost dread what it’s going to look like when our mismatched furniture gets in there…. seems disrespectful to put hodge-podge furniture in such a beautiful space. Jennifer suggested that I take a day after they move all their furniture out to just walk through and adjust to the “blank slate” so that our furniture doesn’t seem like such a direct comparison to theirs. And Bobby and I might actually paint a few rooms too, not because we don’t like their colors, but because it will just give it a different feel, you know? It’s just a gradual process… and the rooms could actually be totally empty and I would still be thrilled! :)

And they told us last night that before we got there, the other people (who were leaving as Bobby arrived on Sunday) called with an offer. They said that they had gone home and prayed about it, and felt that it was where God wanted them to be – when David told them that it was already sold, the lady actually started crying. Isn’t that sad?… I’m so glad that Bobby made an immediate decision, but I feel bad for that couple because I know how disappointed they must be. And I have to admit that an evil part of me thinks it’s a little bit funny – Bobby and I are such heathens that we didn’t stop and even think about praying – I’m actually still not speaking to God, I just ask Mama to give him messages – and we got the house as a result. It’s just ironic in a really cynical, irreverant sort of way…. I know, I’m evil and probably going to hell.

So anyway, the owners mentioned that they might be able to move their move date up, which means that the closing would be before Feb 29th…. apparently they’re building a house that wasn’t scheduled to be completed for 4 more months, and they were going to have to move into an apt, but the builder called after we made the offer and said that he could work out a deal where they might be able to have a different house that’s already ready for move-in. So we could potentially be moving even sooner than we think….

Last night when I left, I started crying – I love the house so much, and the fact that it’s so perfect makes me even sadder that Mama’s not here. If it were just a random house that I didn’t feel any emotional attachment to, I don’t think it would be quite as sad… but as I was walking through, I kept thinking “Mama would love that”…. and when I left, I felt an urge to call her and tell her all about it for just a second, then remembered that her cell phone’s been deactivated and calling her is no longer an option. Daddy had to work last night too, so neither of my parents were there… it just felt so weird because they’ve both always been there for every major life event… even when I moved into the craphole apt where Bobby and I live now, they were there. But I know it’s the first of many, and Mama’s still there – just in a different way. Anyway…