Today, we attempted to visit Grandma Weathers in Bowman… but alas, it was not to be.

After leaving an hour late, having to turn around to get the stuff that we forgot, almost getting flattened by a giant PURPLE 18-wheeler, and enduring a Maggie melt-down, we pulled off at a gas station to soothe the Maggie and ourselves. Susanna, feeling very confined, wished aloud that she could run free, and keep running until she was far, far away from all of us.

Although we didn’t support her running far, far away, we encouraged her to do a few laps around the gas station parking lot. It all was going so well… she was leaping about with joy and abandon, flinging a banana peel into the air and feeling liberated at last, when her little gold slipper (SLIPper, get it? HA.) flew off her foot and she landed on her bony little hands and knees. Below are pictures of the carnage that ensued. They are of a graphic nature… parental discretion is advised.