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[Excerpt from letter to Michele]

So we had a little drama yesterday… the saga with my grandparents continues. Nobody wants to go to Virginia to visit my mom’s family this year, but I feel like it’s the right thing to do…. so everyone outvoted me this past weekend, but then somehow, everybody wimped out and I got elected to call my grandma and tell her that we’re not coming. Well I refused, because I don’t even agree with that decision. So then we had a “tribal council” (aka family brawl) last night, and I told everybody that I thought we needed to suck it up, be adults, and go this weekend for just two nights. So after much conflict and negotiation, we’re going (I think)…. I called my grandmother this morning, and she had all sorts of little snippy comments about how we haven’t called her lately, etc, etc…. I guess she thinks that saying mean stuff like that makes her more appealing? I don’t know…. but whatever. Ick, I get a queasy feeling in my stomach just thinking about going up there… but I guess this will make the restful, peaceful little cabin even more fun, huh? :(

And Bobby got a Wii yesterday… he’s so excited that he can hardly sit still. He’s such a little boy…. last night he was hopping around the living room playing virtual golf. We were all next door at Jennifer and Tom’s and we kept hearing these random thumps and bangs through the wall – too funny. I’m sure that the man who lives below us is enjoying the new purchase (not really!!). And Maggie rolled halfway over last night – she started doing that a few days ago, but she gets stuck and can’t get over her arm. And then she gets mad, and has a temper-tantrum – oh my lord, that child has a temper! She screams until she chokes herself… and we all sit there and laugh at her. She’s so dramatic :)