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This weekend was good…. yes, actually good. On Friday, the inhabitants of the Northgate quad all watched a movie together – lots of shooting, lots of cussing, lots of vengeance and righteous anger – twas great fun. Then Saturday, Bobby and I just did nothing, and then went out with my work people in downtown Greenville Sat evening. I actually had a really good time… surprise, surprise. Then yesterday, Bobby and I got up, got coffee, and we rode around all day looking at land. Bobby and I are freaks – there’s really nothing we enjoy more than riding down roads where we’ve never been before with the sunroof open, watching for “For Sale” signs.

Yesterday, we ended up meeting with the owner of the Martin Creek lot that Mama always dreamed about. It’s so expensive, and not really that convenient to I-85, which is one of our requirements… so I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder if looking is really what we enjoy, and some of the fun will be gone if we ever actually buy. I spent hours last night (until 2am, to be exact – much to my despair this morning) looking at house plans. Sometimes I really think that I’m channeling Mama – I have so many good memories of her poring through countless Southern Living house plan books until the pages were worn and dog-eared…

I found 13 I really liked (nothing like having options)… I’m thinking a big white farmhouse with a red tin roof, big trees, hardwood floors, lots of random kids running around – my kids, their cousins, and maybe a neighbor or two thrown in. Too bad it’s only on paper :)