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I want to leave work, but I don’t have a car, and Jen & Sue won’t answer my calls. I know it’s probably b/c ya’ll don’t know I’m calling, but the irrational voice in my head says that you’re ignoring me because I’ve caused the final rift (hell, we’re talking a 5+ on the Richer scale) in our family.

I didn’t mean to crap on our family. I didn’t mean to be the emotional time bomb that flies off at the mouth and incinerates everyone and everything around me. I didn’t mean to have a complete personality shift in the last 73 days, and become a hard, brittle shell of the loving, rational, compassionate person I used to be. Or maybe I never was that person…. maybe that was just my perception of myself. I don’t know. I just don’t. Dr Jerry said that I was “bilingual” because I was the “translator” between Mama and Daddy for years… I spoke both of their languages.