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Hey there,
I just got your voice mail… thanks so much for thinking about me! I let my phone go dead at some point during the return trip, and didn’t charge it up until this morning…. I’m sorry I missed you. Did ya’ll get your Christmas tree yesterday? I’ll bet it looks absolutely beautiful in your new house!!! And how was your Thanksgiving? Great, I hope!… I really hope there wasn’t any drama with Michael’s family and that everyone behaved themselves. And you went to Chapin this weekend as well, right? Wow, you definitely had a busy weekend!! How’s your grandmother and mom doing? I hope things have improved!

I just sent out pictures of our Thanksgiving trip – we had three cameras going, so this is the first installment, I guess :) The trip went really well… it had it’s wonderful times and sad times too. The trip out was pretty uneventful – getting through security was more exciting than the actual plane ride out. Jennifer and Maggie had to go through their own security checkpoint, and I thought Jennifer was going to have a meltdown – she had to break down the stroller, put it through the x-ray scanner machine thing, and present all her liquids out of the diaper bag (lotions, formula, gas drops, etc) with one hand while juggling Maggie in the other…. it was quite an adventure! She made it through, and we decided that Tom would be going through the baby security line with her from now on :) Maggie did really well with the plane ride itself – she barely cried at all on the way out, and didn’t utter a peep on the way back. She’s definitely an easy traveler. Sue and Aunt Gin came to meet us at the airport, which was wonderful…. we were so, so excited to see her. Aunt Gin took us to this gargantuan 5-bedroom house that belongs to one of her friends… it was completely insanely huge!! We stayed there for free instead of having to get a hotel room, which was wonderful. I was a nervous wreck though, worrying about us spilling something on the carpet, or on the immaculate sofa. You know me… I’m a worry-wart.

On Tuesday night, we went to the Farmers Market, which is where they shut down one of the main streets in Monterey every Tuesday night and sell produce. This produce was amazing… you don’t even realize how yucky and sad some of our veggies look at the East coast until you see them fresh out of the West coast gardens!! And then we headed back to the house and crashed… we were absolutely exhausted. On Wed, we woke up late, and took FOREVER to get out of the house…. traveling with a baby adds a whole new dimension of complication to everything!! So we ended up leaving the house to go to Aunt Gin’s an hour late, and then we got lost in Monterey. Ended up in Pebble Beach, where I spotted a Jacobsen tractor…. I got all excited – I know, I’m a dork.

So on Thanksgiving, we got up, packed, and headed off for Thanksgiving dinner. Thursday was kind of strange, but good. It felt very surreal, not like Thanksgiving at all – I even had swordfish for dinner, instead of the traditional turkey. Daddy and Aunt Gin were kinda stiff with each other at first, but they loosened up during the day, which I was really glad to see. We drove down the coast, and had dinner at the seaside restaurant, then told Aunt Gin goodbye. We went back up to San Jose and spent Thursday night, then headed on up to San Francisco on Friday. It was absolutely beautiful – definitely the best day of our entire trip!!! Bobby was talking about it later that our San Fran day was the first time he had heard Jen, Sue and I truly laughing together – in probably 6 months. Later that evening, we kinda crashed again…. the reality of Mama being gone set back in – but for a few hours, we almost forgot that we are “motherless daughters.”

Took the red-eye on Friday night, and arrived in Atlanta Sat morning at about 7am. Ouch – talk about feeling exhausted! We headed home and slept the day away until the Clemson-USC game on Saturday night….

Whew, sorry for the super-long email…. I got started and couldn’t stop! This is almost like a journal entry, I think…. I’ll probably just copy and paste this email into our sister-blog to kinda “document” our trip. I hope you’re having a good Monday… it was definitely hard coming back to work this morning!!!
Talk to you soon,