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Hi there! How was the birthday party? I can’t wait to see pictures…. I’ll bet that it was probably the most fabulous b-day party that those kids have ever seen! :) And I’m sure that Evan was just beside himself – you and Michael really are truly cool parents!

I’m scrambling today to get everything caught up – I’m so excited about our trip tomorrow. I’m just not even really letting myself think about the fact that it’s Thanksgiving and Mama’s not here…. just trying to stay focused on the positive – we’re going to CA, that we’re taking our first plane ride as a family, and best of all, that Sue’s coming home!!! But I’ve been having weird, yucky dreams that started last week – I think that’s why I’ve been so frantic and disorganized. I think that since I’m not letting myself dwell on it while I’m awake, my brain is kicking into gear while I’m asleep.

Brad came up this weekend on Friday night, and it really, really helped me – he has such an ability to understand what’s “below the surface” – and it’s times like now that I realize that there are some things that Bobby doesn’t really understand, no matter how hard he tries. And he knows that Brad has that role, and he’s ok with it – on Saturday, Bobby left for the wedding a little early (on purpose, I think), and Brad and I ended up sitting on our respective sofas and talking and crying for hours. We didn’t go to the Clemson game (which was a heart-breaker, so it’s probably best that I skipped it)… he talked about his uncle who’s dying of cancer, and I talked about my mom, and we both talked about our friend Chad who was killed a year ago on a four-wheeler. It was really, really cleansing…. I’m so glad that he’s still in our lives. But I’m really glad that the two of us ended up with people who are our opposites – I felt completely mentally drained when he left Saturday night because he so introspective and thoughtful. Rosemary (Brad’s wife) and Bobby are perfect matches for us because they understand that we’re inside our own heads a lot, and they accept it…. If Brad and I had stayed together, we would have been a horrible match for each other because we’re too much alike – we would have dug ourselves into a mental hole until we couldn’t get out. I remember when we were dating, I used to say that we were “brainmates” instead of “soulmates”…. funny, huh? :)

I hope you’re having a good Monday morning…. and I really am truly sorry that I was so unresponsive last week… I think the dreams, and weirdness was kicking in, and I wasn’t even letting myself really think about why I was in a funk. I want to talk to you before I leave though – are you busy tonight?

Love you!