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Hi there! Yay, I love your long, chatty emails… they just make me happy :) I’m so glad that ya’ll had a wonderful weekend – it really does help so much to just get away for a while and take the time to remember why you love each other. I think every marriage needs a little break like that every once in a while, and I’ll bet it’s even more important once you have kids. Good for you and Michael – ya’ll should put it on your calendar to do a getaway for just the two of you every single year, or maybe even twice a year.

And yes, it would be an understatement to say that we’re all so excited about our CA trip… just ONE MORE WEEK!! Our family has never flown together before so it should definitely be interesting – chaotic and disasterous and hilarious all at once! I’m so glad that we decided to leave for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year… it’s the perfect excuse for turning down all those well-meaning invitations that we’re getting…. blah, just the thought of spending either holiday with my mom or my dad’s family just makes me cringe.

We finally reserved the mountain cabin for Christmas as well… so many were already booked, but I think the one we got is going to be perfect. It’s very rustic, which my dad will love, it has the beautiful mountain view from the porch for Jennifer, and a hot tub for Sue. I’ll send you the link if you have a few minutes to take a look.

I do think that Sue is counting the hours until we touch down at the San Jose airport…. she’s been having a rough couple of days. I think that the shock is beginning to wear off, and she’s starting to really comprehend that Mama’s gone…. she cries on the phone with Jennifer, Daddy and me almost every day. I’m pushing for her to just come back with us next Friday, but she says she wants to stay until the week before Christmas. So we’ll see… I just want what’s best for her. She’s actually talking about not going back to Clemson now, which I can’t say surprises me… she’s looking into some other schools, including Savannah College of Art & Design, and U of SC’s school of journalism. It’s hard to imagine that she would ever be a Gamecock, but they have one of the best journalism schools in the country… so again, it’s just whatever she wants to do. I’m going to send you a few pictures that Sue took this past week…. I think they’re amazing (although I know I’m biased) – she definitely has artistic talent.

Maggie’s doing great… she’s just perfect, perfect, perfect. I love her so much – I missed her horribly last week, and could not WAIT to hold her when we got back Saturday night. I didn’t even go into our apt first – I went straight to Jennifer and Tom’s!! She had a dr appt this week, and she’s now 11 lbs, 2 oz…. almost twice what she weighed when she came home from the hospital!! Makes me kinda sad – I don’t want her to grow up (I’m sure that you can relate to that, when you look at Evan and see the precious little boy who used to be your sweet, tiny baby)…. but I’m just so thankful that I’m able to see her growing process every step of the way. I would be so horribly sad if we still lived a few hours away and I only saw her every few weeks….

And the lot in Townville didn’t work out. Bobby and I talked about it, and we decided to just wait a while, and finish paying off our debt before making any major financial commitments. If we just stay with our current budget, we’ll have our last credit card paid off by Dec or Jan, and the small business loan paid off by Apr or May of 2008. We’re just too close to being debt-free (well, excluding student loans) to not take advantage of it, ya know? Once we have a baby, everything’s going to change, so we’re trying to put ourselves in the best financial position possible for that to happen. It sounds really good in theory, but I have to say that sometimes I get really frustrated…. my job has really been ticking me off lately, and I just want to quit sometimes and go be a bank teller or an administrative asst or a receptionist in a dentist office… something different, that I’ve never done, and that would hopefully require very little mental energy.

Oh, have to go to a meeting now, so I’ll close now….
Love you,