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So, I really liked reading your narrative about your trip so far, Sarah. Especially the part about the poor pilot who seems to have never heard of Duh-Moyne. Maybe if it was spelled like that, he would have done a better job. Bless his heart.
So, Daddy and Tom are off to hear Dave Ramsey tonight in ATL. When they ask who has paid off debt, Tom better stand up. And guess what? Yesterday, I was playing the piano while he was feeding Maggie on the couch and I started telling him about when I was little and Mama and I used to go in Farr Music like EVERY time we went to town. She’s let me stay as long as I wanted if she could and play grand pianos and then she always allowed herself to be suckered into buying me some new piece of music. And even though she knew I was going to beg for more music everytime we went in there and would never be able to leave empty handed no matter how much I promised I would…she still took me in there and the thing is, she actually enjoyed being in there and listening to me play. Hm. SO, anyway, I was sharing that story with Tom and I told him that it was back then that I became dead set on having a Grand Piano one day and my obsession began. And you know what Mr. Miser said? He said “We’re well on our way to getting you one.” I know it’s weird and you might not understand, but that meant a lot because Tom didn’t even know me back in those days when Grand Pianos were a very large part of my future world. That was before I had so many other things to think about and worry about. Even though life hasn’t turned out the way it should have, I still want to have that Grand Piano so badly. I just really appreciated him saying that. It showed me that he understands even though he wasn’t there, that this is really special and important.

Okay – now about Donna Tingle. That would be the name of my therapist that I met with on Tuesday. After taking Sarah to the airport, Maggie and I headed back home to eat a quick lunch before heading back up to Exit 40. Donna Tingle’s office is right off the exit going towards Easley. I went in and the office was FREAKING hot. Maggie started fussing and before I knew it, she was hard-core making the “poop” face…you know, red watery eyes, strained veins in the forehead, very large grunting noises. Well, that was Maggie as we sat waiting in the waiting room. Oh…and did I mention the large “poot” noises coming from her car seat? Yes – there were other people sitting around us. I just started laughing. I mean, I thought it was pretty funny that Maggie was pooting audibly and pooping (silently, but deadly) in the therapy waiting room. So….Donna Tingle came and got us. I think she was slightly surprised to see her patient hauling a baby carrier in with her, but I just basically said, “Hope you don’t mind. I had to bring Maggie along.” She didn’t. We didn’t really talk about a whole lot. Just laying groundwork info, like who is who, and what the general issues in my head are. Not a whole lot, but we made an appointment for next Friday and Tom will keep Maggie for me then. She is very nice, though, and we’ll give it a shot. It can’t hurt. Oh and before I left, I actually changed Maggie’s poopy diaper in her office floor. I have definitely reached a new level of mommyhood. Changing diapers in my therapists’ office floor.

And Susanna – before I go, I have to be honest and say that I felt a slight jab when you said you would 85% go back to CA after Christmas. I know it’s a good thing, and Sarah is right when she says that if you come home, you’ll have to re-establish a job and you’ll probably fall back into the whole party scene thing (only you won’t even have Clemson to slow you down). I just miss you, I guess. Just so you know. But I am extremely happy that you have found some ownership through learning the bus system. I am very excited for you and maybe when we come out, you can take us all on a bus ride to Carmel Rancho or somewhere and show off yo’ skill.

I miss you, too, Sarah…but I know you’ll be back very soon from the “Cornfields”. It’s been a little odd not having you next door. Maybe a preview of how awful it would be if you and Bobby are gone a long time before Tom and I move? Um…so I think that I really don’t want that to happen. It’s very quiet and I actually heard someone coming up the stairs this afternoon around the time it would normally be you, and I momentarily forgot that you were in Iowa and I thought I was going to hear a little knock on the door. Maggie and I were both very sad when it didn’t come.

Okay – adios for tonight.