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Why hello, sisters. I’m coming home, home, home tomorrow… have to say that I’m going to be glad to leave this joint. I haven’t really minded sitting by myself for hours in a hotel room, but I can see how it would start to truly grate on a person after a while. I’ve been lying in bed in my pj’s and watching tv – it’s almost like I’ve been on a very strange, solo vacation. Of course, I’m sure that Ron would be furious if he knew that… oh wait, he probably already knows that since I haven’t answered one, not even one, email since I left work on Monday. But whatever. He wanted me to come. I came. I learned some stuff. And now I’m done.

My plane leaves at 6am… holy crap, that’s early. Our driver man is picking Julie and me up at 4am. Ick. So I’m not going to write lots more.

But I have to share one more little pearl from my trip with ya’ll. There is a chain of gas stations here – one by my hotel, and another by S-D. And it’s called… prepare yourself… “Kum and Go.” Yes, I’m serious. Is that not the most disgusting thing that you’ve ever, ever heard? And you may ask “surely, it’s a sick joke, right?” But no. Julie asked the little guy working behind the counter, and he very seriously explained to us that it was named after the owner, who’s name is Kumberland. Wow. And the best part… they sell coffee mugs that say “Creamy & Frothy… Kum & Go.” Gag. Shelly and Julie bought me a t-shirt just for fun. Yeah, not going to wear it. Ever.

I just talked to Bobby… he said that he went over and held the Maggie for a little while this evening. Made me sad – I really do miss the Maggie.

And I miss Sue. I didn’t actually say that it was better for Sue to go back to CA after Christmas. I just voiced my concern that she would start partying a lot if she came home. Going back to CA would definitely be a way to avoid that. But it probably also needs to be said that at some point, it’s necessary to take responsibility for our behavior. Sue, if you want to stay home after Christmas, you don’t have to become an immature, partying, brain-dead version of yourself. It actually is your choice – and you can choose to go back to CA, or you can choose to stay here and act like an adult. There are always options.

Ok, have to go now. Jennifer, I’m glad you and Maggie have missed me… I’ve missed ya’ll too. Bobby mentioned the possibility of staying in Blowing Rock on Saturday night too, but I have to confess that I’m ready to come home… as crappy as home is, it’s the only one I have.

Love ya’ll… Nighty-night.