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Yay, I’m so glad that someone actually misses it when I don’t blog… makes me feel a little less “anchor-less.” I’m currently sitting in a conference room in Iowa, so I’ll do a little preamble before writing about my current state (state – get it? heehee)

This past weekend, we went to Merrill’s little house. We sat around on Saturday and did absolutely nothing – watched boob tube, held Maggie, and ate scads of non-WeightWatcher-approved food. Rescheduled with Grandma to visit with her on Sunday instead, so that really opened up the day.

So then we visited Grandma – she’s deteriorated since the last time I saw her. She asked us the same question 3 or 4 times… like she really has no idea that she’s already asked it. And she peed with the door open – yes, Jennifer and I both saw Grandma Weathers sitting on the toilet. I could have died without having seen that and been perfectly ok with it.

And yesterday I flew to Iowa. Jennifer and Maggie were kind enough to take me to the airport, where I then discovered that my flight was delayed out of GSP. Which, of course, led to another delay and then another. My arrival in Des Moines was originally scheduled for 4:30 – we actually walked into the DM airport at 9:54. Lovely. But I do have a funny story – and let me preface this by saying that I don’t usually make fun of people who mispronounce names – I usually the first to say something wrong. But flight attendants shouldn’t have this problem… it should be a part of the job to learn how to freaking pronounce the names of the cities that you’re flying into. So the little guy on our flight pronounced Des Moines (which is pronounced “Duh Moin”), “Dez Moan-nes”. I didn’t even know what he was talking about at first – it took me about 3 times of him saying it before I figured it out. Don’t know if that story was funny in the re-telling, but it was kinda funny the first time around, so there.

And it’s freakin freezing here. In the 30’s, with a wind chill of 20-something. Icy, icy cold. I went straight to my room last night when we finally arrived at the hotel… my cohorts Julie & Shelly sat up and chatted until the wee hours, but I excused myself at the front desk, and headed off by myself. Called Bobby to let him know that I’d finally arrived…. Didn’t call Mama. It’s such a lonely feeling knowing that although there are several people who care that I arrived safely in the “Land of Corn”, nobody cares like Mama did. I remember my last little jaunt with S-D… I called Townville, and Mama and Daddy got on two different extensions (reminiscent of G-ma & G-pa Weathers) and rolled with laughter at my stories of my trip. I wanted to call Townville last night, but didn’t…. it would have been too heartbreaking when no one answered.

But this morning was a new day – I slept really well last night, which makes me think that I’m going to make Bobby start wearing Breathe-Right strips to stifle the snoring… Didn’t realize how much it affects me until it’s snore-free. And we arrived at S-D’s Ames plant this morning at 8:30am. Yeah, this place is definitely the upper crust of the company. They have a marble fountain in the lobby, a fully staffed IT dept (in Easley, we have one lonely guy named Chad), and the box lunches were the best thing I’ve ever eaten out of a box. I know ya’ll are rolling your eyes, but really though…. I had a grilled chicken mango wrap, with fresh strawberries and a pickled bean salad. A far cry from the turkey sandwich and greasy chips that they usually serve during these things.

Oh, they’re starting again…. I’ll finish later.