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Let me make a confession. I have been checking this dang blog every chance I get (which is actually pretty often considering the factors of no internet, etc.) and it makes me very, very sad when there are no new posts. Especially this weekend when you guys were in Elloree (or however you spell it) with Merrill. I guess I didn’t realize it, but this blog really does make me feel like I’m still home in a way, because I still get to hear your random rantings and going-ons. I mean, we could definitely talk on the phone, but I really do like the blog.

Okay anyway, so here is my new plan for Cali. I am figuring out the bus system to Monterey, towards Carmel Valley, and even into Carmel. Why? Because I’ve discovered that if I can figure out the bus system then that gives me almost unlimited range (aka – I can get a job almost anywhere I want). Right now I have two front runners. One is a store in Carmel called Wrapunzel that AG is friends with the owner. The lady said she definitely needs help and (after my confession that I am the sole terrible gift wrapper in a family of gift wrapping extraordinares) I would not gift wrap because that was her department. The other job is this really retro, young-and-hip store that is kind of like the classy version of Fashion Shack. It’s in Monterey right near the bus line and its called Lulablu. Very very fun. And they’re hiring as well. So we will see.

Right now as I’m typing I’m in the Carmel Roasting House (or whatever it’s called) and drinking chai tea. How sophisticated right? Tonight I will continue to use God as an excuse to make friends (aka College group bible study, but the people are really nice, like, I’ve never attended a church like this before – very, very real). Tomorrow AG and I are going to the debut of a new wine at a local winery (just another excuse to drink wine, which I’ve discovered I love).

Wow, my energy to type just crashed and burned. Oh. And in case you were wondering – yes, I am becoming a beach bum/hippie/young-and-hip-jobless sort of person. But also, you have nothing to fear, I will not stay like this forever. I mean, let’s be honest here, even if I wanted to I would have at least ten people on my ass (Sarah, Jennifer, Daddy, Bobby, Tom, Karee… maybe just five, but still)

Anyway, love, miss, etc.