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So, I’m on a record here. I wanted to share with y’all the conversation I had with Tom at lunch. I began pursuing (spelling?) the subject of moving to Townville and renting a house. I know he’s not too fond of the idea so I thought I would just start the long process of convincing him that it’s a good thing. So, he wanted to make a pro and con list and so I did. Here it is:

1. I’ll be back home.
2. We’ll be in a house. And there’s just something to be said about living in a house even if it isn’t your.
3. We’ll have more room (whereas um…we don’t have a whole lot right now and our living room is beginning to look like Babysrus)
4. I’ll be closer to our house since I go over there anyway everyday.
5. I’ll be closer to Mama.
6. There will be a nice sidewalk to push Maggie on everyday so we can take walks.
7. We’ll have a driveway instead of a parking lot.
8. We won’t have to hold our breath every time we try to walk from our car to our front door.
9. Our rent will be virtually the same probably.
10. We can be in a house, while saving for a down payment for “our” house.
11. The more we save, the nicer of a house we can have and we won’t have to settle right now.
12. Even though we could probably afford the mortgage on a very small house right now, it’s not worth it, because it wouldn’t be something we would want to live in long-term.

1. Longer distance to NewSpring for Tom.
2. Longer distance to town…but they did just build all those grocery stores like 10 minutes away.

Anybody think of anymore? Feel free to add to my argument of the pros if you can think of any more.