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Oh goodness, what is happening with the world? Jennifer posting THREE times in a row? Whoa…

As for me, once again, apologies. I basically suck. Like whoa.

Anyway, I can honestly say there’s not to much to report except for the fact that I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning right now. Why? you may ask… Because I have a baby sitting in the yard right now, also known as a Trek 3700 Mountain Hardtail! YEAAAAAA YEA YEA YEAY EAY! I’m slightly excited. To some people it may seem mediocre, or even boring, but to me it is the most badass piece of aluminum I’ve ever purchased. And, since I am still lacking an Internet connection with my computer I am attaching a picture of the EXACT bike that I bought (The picture from the website). My favorite part about this is that I buy this boy bike and then I look at the guy I bought it from and said “I want a pink bell” and he started laughing! Not in a mean way mind you. I was just like “What?! I got a boy bike, I can at least have a pink bell! Geez!” So dammit! I’ve got a pink bell! :)

Also, AG (Aunt Gin – because I’m too lazy to write or type her entire title out…) is planning to buy a bike as well! I’m really excited about that, I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a lot of fun together. It was so neat today too because I was able to go down streets that I haven’t been down yet, and it was all because I had my bike! And in case you were wondering, yes, I looked like one of “those” kids with my converse shoes, jeans, and iPod… But don’t forget you still have to love me! :)

Hmmm… See, this is why I need to get my rear in gear! Because I wait so long between posts I feel like I have a million things to catch up with (Which isn’t entirely true because I try to talk to you both at least once a day).

Last night AG and I had a HUGE heart-to-heart. We talked about Mama, Granddaddy, her deciding not to do her Hospice training, me overdosing on painkillers, the moments when we’ve sat on Carmel’s beach and wondered how far we would have to walk into the Pacific before we just disappeared… It really helped me a lot, because now I don’t feel so much like a stranger to her, and I think she kind of understands now a little of what’s going on inside my head.

To be honest, my emotional meltdowns come and go. Like, right now I believe the endorphins are still working from me riding my bike around the neighborhood. But even tonight, maybe I’ll have another meltdown… Who knows?

…There’s a ladybug crawling across the window in front of me. Hm. Okay it flew away.

Anyway, like I said before I really am trying to get those pictures up. I told Jennifer that there was a “portal” yesterday when my computer suddenly linked up with a wireless connection and I was working frantically to get the pictures loaded… and then – the connection broke. It was very dramatic. I’m sure you can only imagine.

BUT, since I have a bike now, it will be very easy for me to find a coffee shop with a wireless connection that I can pedal to with my laptop on my back! :) Yay!

Can’t wait for you guys to come visit. Miss you, love you, and kiss Maggie for me!