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So, today David Lee wrote me an e-mail today. I actually had tears dripping off of my chin when I got done reading it. Here it is:

Please remove me from your subscription list. My inbox has reached its capacity of soft and snuggly snap shots. I’m just kidding, of course, keep them coming. But Good Law’ y’all take a lot of pictures. Good thing they invented digital cameras… you would have been in the poor house from the film expense. I have wondered whether there are some shots that don’t make the cut and you guys only upload a select “few.” If so you’ll have to release a special edition gallery for all the hardcore Maggie junkies, like a deleted scenes section on a movie DVD. I’m VERY glad you guys have her to enjoy. I know Sarah, Bobby and Sue love their niece. Nieces and nephews are all kinds of fun in a different way. Not unlike being a grandparent I suppose. Don’t know if I told you, or if you heard, but Amy and Dan are expecting. More fun for Uncle Dave! I hope its a girl. I want to see Dan in pain when his heart begins to melt. Know what I mean? Denise was on my mind almost all day yesterday for some reason. Before I went to bed, I pulled out some old pictures from years ago when she was healthy. I find it’s nice to remember her mostly that way and focus on those good times. Miss her so much. So many things I wish I could have told her, you know? They just don’t seem to occur to you until its “too late,” if it ever really is too late. I still tell her I love her a lot. I hope she can hear. This all still seems stranger than fiction to me, and I catch myself sometimes questioning if it is real or not. Not sure why I’m telling you this, and I hope I’m not bringing you down. Although, I’m sure you’ve had all these thoughts 1000 times already. I guess since you’re the bridge that brought she and I together. I would trade my bond with Denise for nothing in this world. I wish I could tell her I love her face to face a hundred more times, but I would settle for just once more. God bless her. Talked to your dad yesterday–first time since the funeral. I owe a whole lot to him as well. Your parents were very good to me, Jen. It’s something that I will take with me for the rest of my life as precious cargo. They taught me alot about unconditional love; both in how they treated you girls, and in how they treated me. Yuck. This message started as a quick joke about your itchy shutter finger, and turned into a puke-fest. Sorry. Hope you are well, and give Tom my best. Dave

I just thought y’all might like to read it, too. He said so many great things about Mama. I wrote him back and in it I told him that I was glad that all the “weirdness” between us was gone. I said that Mama always wanted us to be friends still and I was the only stupid thing keeping that from happening while she was still here. I told him that I would like to think she was smiling on me while I was writing the e-mail back to him. I think she was.