They said no… can ya’ll believe that?!? I was completely pissed – because #1, they point-blank said no to my emotional, teary speech, and #2, because it’s just such a stupid decision on their part. Turns out that they’ve refinanced 4 times, and they owe close to $125k – which is quite a feat, considering they only paid $17k for it. Apparently, they refinanced just a few years ago, and gave the money to Ben to build his house… Yeah, I so won’t be doing that when Bobby and I have kids. They reassured us that they weren’t putting it on the market and they’re willing to sell if we “figure it out” financially (oh gee, do me a favor) – we can figure out how to undo THEIR financial mistakes?? Even if Bobby and I had the money sitting in the bank, they’re not getting it. They made wretched financial decisions, and that’s not something that Bobby and I are going to pay for.

So we talked last night about the lot on Shirley Circle… it would be pretty easy for us to pay off if we just stay in the apt for a while longer, and then we could build exactly what we want. It wouldn’t be old and historical, but there’s something to be said for energy-efficient windows and modern-day plumbing. I don’t know though… we’ll see.

But anyway.

Happy Boo day, sisters o’ mine. Love ya’ll! :)