Sue, we do have a purpose… we have sisters. Sisters = Purpose. Overall, the world doesn’t care – so we care about each other. The world wouldn’t care if you walked into the Pacific ocean. But Jennifer and I would care tremendously. We would care for years and years to come. Just like we all care that Mama’s gone.

I’m glad you’re going to make an appt with a therapist this week – the “purpose” (that really is an annoying word if you think about it – it just has all these expectations and implications), or should I say goal, of you going to CA is to improve. Not dramatically, or even where anyone else can see it, but inside, when your “True Sue” is. Going to see someone who knows more than you will automatically, by definition, improve. So do it.

Only 22 days until Nov 20th – I’m so glad they invented airplanes. It truly is going to be reality-tv-worthy to see our family traipsing through the airport and taking the country by storm. Wow. Delta Airlines has no idea.