I think, know really, that I have a disorder… Was having a sad Monday and then lunchtime came. Well, do you think that I went to Subway or of those WeightWatcher-friendly places? No I did not. I went to Hardee’s, where I proceeded to order a 1/3 lb. cheeseburger with bacon and jumbo fries… and I ate EVERY BITE. Every flippin bite. As fast as I could stuff it in my greedy little mouth. What is wrong with me? Winter is coming, and none of my pants fit. When I say “fit”, I mean the suckers won’t button, won’t zip, some won’t even go up over my flabby, gigantic thunder thighs. This is f-ing ridiculous. I MUST get a grip on this… I don’t know if it’s just finding comfort in food (I do feel a smidge happier since devouring an entire cow), a subconscious urge to self-destruct (death by french fry – now that’s a new suicide technique), or maybe a combination of both, but this fat thing has got to end. Or at least lessen somewhat. Holy shit.