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Hi there!
Thanks for the pictures this morning.. it looks like ya’ll had a wonderful weekend! You have such an attractive little family… too, too cute :) I love Blowing Rock – it really is the perfect place during the fall. I forwarded the pics to Bobby with a note saying that I really want to go back up there… So Michael didn’t have to work at all this weekend? How many more weeks of the 18 do ya’ll have before his training period is over? I’ll help you count down – I know you can’t wait :)

Our weekend was pretty good…. very busy! On Friday night, Bobby, Sue and I went to see a movie for the first time in a really long time – we saw “We Own the Night,” which was pretty good. We ate a TON of junk food – didn’t eat dinner before we went, and so we loaded up on candy, popcorn, and soda. Seriously, just our refreshments (without our movie tickets) cost $44!!!.. that’s just a ridiculous amount of junk food. And on Saturday (and prepare yourself, because you’re probably getting ready to say “Sarah, what were you thinking?!?”), Sue and I went to GA and she got a tattoo. I know, I know, it’s not exactly the most constructive sister activity. But she had really made up her mind, and I figured that it I went, I could at least make her pick out something small. For her, it’s kind of become a symbol of everything… I actually posted a section of our online blog, where she writes about what it means:

In the near future I will be joining the ranks of the disfigured by inking my body with a small heart, which I have decided will be the original black or blue, on my wrist.

I started drawing the heart on my wrist a few days after Mama left and I haven’t been able to go without it since. I can’t quite verbalize what it means to me, but I feel like in a way it reminds me of what’s happening (not that I really forget…), what is to come (I don’t know yet), the love Mama gave me (and the lack of love I feel like I showed her), the love of those fortunate (or unfortunate?) few that have stuck by me through all of this, and also me (my capabilities, my emotions, and the things I will never be able to tell anyone.)

So yes, I need to do this and I need to have it, because I feel like it will help me break out of the old Susanna and into this strange new Susanna, a brand new world that is so much colder, yet dangerously beautiful, and this heart as a reminder that I have an inner source of strength that will help me move on…

So I talked her out of the black or blue… she got a nice, subtle shade of brown that sort of blends in with her freckles. And it’s extremely tiny – it actually only looks like a heart close-up… at first glance, it looks like a beauty mark, or a mole. And it’s above her wrist, so that if she does ever become a lawyer, long sleeves will cover it. Whew, I’m sure that Mama’s just thrilled about this….

Then Bobby and I had a wedding Saturday night, and a baby shower yesterday. Busy, busy. I didn’t go to Townville last night for the first Sunday in a really, really long time. During the last few weeks, I’ve realized that going to Townville on Sunday puts me a horrible funk, I have horrible dreams, and then I don’t go to work the next morning (at least that’s what’s happened for the past two Mondays). So I asked Daddy if he would come to Anderson instead to have dinner with me – and I think it actually worked out better because it got him out of the house.